most stolen food in the world

What Is The Most Stolen Food in The World?

If you were to guess, it would be anything like alcoholic drinks, tinned products, or something similar to be the most stolen food in the world. According to Time magazine, which cited research by the Center for Retail Research, Cheese is the most stolen food item on the planet.

According to the CRR, 4 % of the world’s production is stolen, and global cheese production totals more than 22.6 billion tonnes per year, implying that an estimated 90.6 million tonnes of Cheese wind up in the hands of cheese thieves.

The question, therefore, becomes, why do shoplifters the most frequent target cheese.

According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer and Checkpoint Systems in a 2011 research, “the reasons for this are quite obvious, including high demand, simple ‘disposal’ by thieves, and tiny, transportable forms that make it easier to conceal.”

CRAVED products are concealable, removable, readily available, valuable, enjoyable, and disposable. Cheese comes under this category as well as other foods. On the other hand, Cheese is seldom ever marked with a security tag compared to other regularly stolen commodities.

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Some Of The Biggest Cheese Heists In Recent History

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most stolen food in the world

What is the procedure for a cheese heist, and how does it work? To give you a sense of what we’re talking about, we’ve looked into some of the most spectacular moments in recent history.

It’s possible that having an inside guy will be the most convenient solution. According to the publication, between 2017 and 2019, the Dairy Herd stated that police had apprehended two men who had stolen $50,000 worth of Cheese from Leprino Foods. According to reports, one of the burglars worked at the California business, which happens to be the world’s largest maker of mozzarella cheese. The Cheese was subsequently identified by the police, who could do so because of the serial numbers blocked onto it.

Is there another way to get Cheese? Inquire about it. Several years ago, two women entered a Whole Foods Market in Oregon and asked for a package full of Cheese. While the other was in line to pay at the register, one strolled out the door (via HuffPost). What exactly was inside the box? Gouda cheese is worth $300, and blue Cheese is worth $270.

The last choice is robbery from the outside, which involves planning and conducting the crime. In 2018, burglars from France made off with 700 blocks of Saint-Nectaire (about $11,000 or €10,000, depending on the exchange rate) (via The Local). Theft of $137,000 (or $187,000) worth of Cheese from Saputo Dairy Products in Ontario was accomplished by a Canadian burglar acting as a delivery man in January 2019. (via CBC). That’s “a significant lot of cheese to get rid of,” as local policeman Ed Sawchuk pointed out.

Why Cheese Is The Most Stolen Food In The World?

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most stolen food in the world

Before you say why Cheese is so precious to be the most stolen food in the world, let us tell you that the cheese market is a multibillion-dollar business. According to Dairy Industries International, worldwide cheese sales hit $114.1 billion in 2019, and they have been steadily increasing year over year since 2013. The cheese market is large enough that black-market cheese sales may be lucrative. According to accounts, 4% of all Cheese manufactured in a given year is stolen, making this delicious dairy product the most frequently stolen food item globally.

According to a story published in The Huffington Post, Cheese, according to data collected from 1,187 merchants representing more than 250,000 retail outlets in 43 countries, outperformed fresh meat, chocolate, and alcohol, as well as seafood and infant formula—all of which were on the list of the most-stolen items.

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Other Most Stolen Items

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most stolen food in the world

The National Retail Federation (NRF) conducted an annual Organized Crime Survey, in which smash-and-grabs were among the most stolen items. To better understand retail crime patterns, the NRF interviewed 61 shops.

The most stolen items were:

1. Designer clothes – 34%

Designer fashion clothes target organized retail crime, as any shops that offer them will attest.

2. Laundry detergent – 21%

Criminals are also hesitant to pay for their designer clothing, which is odd considering they are attached.

3. Razors – 20%

Shaving items, such as razors, are also popular targets for thieves.

4. Designer handbags – 16%

Designer handbags are consistently at the top of lists like this, as their sell-on value on the black market is always high.

5. Deodorant – 15%

Toiletry items are on the list yet again, and stores that sell them may be targeted for many goods at once.

6. High-end liquor – 13%

Although several security measures exist, liquor stores are frequently targeted for premium items.

7. Infant formula – 13%

This is another heart-rending entry on the list, but it’s unfortunately all too common.

8. Laptops/tablets – 13%

Although technology businesses often have several security systems in place, determined criminals nonetheless find a method to damage and seize these things too.

9. Pain relievers – 13%

Pain relievers are frequently stolen in smash-and-grab robberies, so pharmacists should be aware of them.

10. Denim pants – 11%

Denim pants are the second most commonly stolen article of apparel after designer goods, and business owners should be aware of this.

11. Contraceptives – 10%

Conceit is understandable for retailers selling contraception, but that does not justify theft.

12. Cigarettes – 10%

It’s no secret that cigarette vending machines are a prime target for criminal gangs, but it hasn’t stopped this popular item from being stolen.

13. Teeth whitening strips – 10%

Opportunistic criminals have taken advantage of this item’s modest size and poor security, leading to a high number of thefts.

14. Cell phones – 8%

The numerous security steps that cell phone stores take to guard against break-ins, the high value of these devices still makes them an appealing target for thieves.

15. Energy drinks – 7%

Energy drinks are a popular target for theft since they are easy to conceal in a jacket pocket and are typically not properly protected.

16. High-end appliances – 5%

High-end products, like vacuum cleaners, are pricey enough to be stolen to retain, but they also have a high resale value, which makes them attractive to thieves.

17. High-end vacuums – 5%

Retailers that sell vacuum cleaners need to be aware that their items are still a big target for organized thieves, even though they are at the bottom of the list and just 5 percent.

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