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What Do Moondrop Grapes Taste Like?

In the grocery store, there are these fruits that look a little bit like elongated eggplants. They have been labeled as grapes, but they’re actually not related to regular old Earth grapes at all! This new grape is called Moon Drop and it was created by the same company who brought you Cotton Candy Grapes. In this article, we learn what makes them so special and discover some fun activities using moondrop grapes in your kitchen!

In 2004, the moondrop grapes were developed by crossbreeding various varieties of grapes. They were also adjusted to be able to grow on a large scale and produce sweet flavors. These methods not only helped these grapes develop amazing flavor, but they also contributed to their elongated shape because of the different growing habits that had been adapted into each variety.

What Moondrop Grapes Taste Like?

This juicy fruit, also called Sapphire grapes, is every bit as luscious as they look. They are a bit sweet in taste but at the same time, you will feel tartness in them.

Like other grapes, the moondrop grapes provide excellent health benefits such as maintaining heart health, helping protect your brain, promoting blood sugar regulation. The sweetness of the grape pairs well with cheese particularly strong cheeses like Blue Cheese Gorgonzola Roquefort.

Moon Drop Grape is another interesting fruit that provides amazing health benefits including healthy hydration levels since it is 82% water! Its bitterness blends wonderfully with sharp flavors- good pairings include charcuterie!

This snack is great for a cheese board or to bring with you on the go! It’s also perfect when paired with an apple that tastes tart and tangy. This combination will impress guests, or make a healthy snack just for yourself.

How to Use Moondrop Grapes?

Moondrop Grapes are Versatile

They can be used in cooking as they come out firm due to their texture and flavor, or you can even use them after freezing to enjoy as a cold snack! Here are some recipes that utilize this delicious fruit: Roasting with salt and lemon, Blistering for salads like brussels sprouts or turnip greens, or freeze for ice popsicles!

You can also try them in these recipes:

  • Roasted Moon-drop Blue-Cheese & Honey Crostini
  • Monn Drop Grape Tarts
  • Tequila Infused Grapes
  • Roasted Grapes & Rosemary Scones

These recipes can be made with any type of grapes you want to try! Pork With Grapes and Tarragon is a good fallback recipe for those who don’t quite have the ingredients or time to make it from scratch. Lamb Chops With Rosemary And Grapes would also work well in this list if you didn’t find any moondrop grapes recipes that appealed to your tastes.

If you cannot find moondrop grapes but are tempted by these dishes, check your local farmer’s market to see if they have any other varieties of grape besides green and red table varieties. A farmers’ or specialty market may be a good place for exotic fruit like the Moon-Drop grapes.

Where to Find Moon Drop Grape?

Moondrop grapes can be found in stores, including Trader Joe’s, Fresh Thyme, and Costco. You will have to try them soon if you want to get your hands on the delicious moondrop grapes juice before they’re gone for good! Not only are they so popular that there is a high demand for these quick-growing fruits with a short growing season from August – to October but also because of their very unique patent held by the Grapery, who produce them exclusively as well. These freeze well and make a great frozen snack or thawed fruit when needed.

Growing Your Own Moon Drop Grape

If you are wine lovers and planning to start your own arbor of these well-renowned moondrop grapes that is currently not possible. So you need to beware of adverts on the internet that say they have vines made from moon grapes for sale. Grapery has made it very clear that at the moment, these vines are unavailable – even though there are other varieties of grape you can grow in your yard and may occasionally get lucky enough to find at a farmer’s market.

  • Location is important in order to grow grapes.
  • Find an area that has well-draining soil, and gets at least morning sun.
  • If you are planting a smaller vine then purchase a 15-gallon pot and plant it in the ground with 6-10 feet between each other.
  • If planting grapevines outside of containers purchase trellises or sturdy fences for them to climb up on – do not use wire mesh!
  • The vines should be trimmed before planting, soak the roots overnight prior to placing them into prepared holes (to keep from damaging underground stems), space vine 6-10 feet apart when planted in the ground (be careful not to cut too low so as not ruin potential fruit yield!).
  • Dig 12 inches deep towards the center of the hole filled with 4 inches of dirt as a bedding layer and set your vines about 8 inches above this layer.
  • Tamp down the final 6 inch’s worth which will become a root ball; water, when you plant upon digging through canes, may need watering during dry periods but no fertilizer needed for first-year after plants have been planted according to Farmers Almanac.

Moon Drop Grap Fun Fact

Though the moondrop grapes are an odd-looking hybrid, they are not genetically modified. They were a result of traditional crossbreeding and are one of Grapery’s developments in producing new types of grape varieties.

The Beitamouni is mentioned to be a Lebanese white grape often used in producing alcohol or syrups such as Arak or Raki, whereas C122-121 seems to stand for something that was left out on the patent when it should have been specified with what fruit variation it stood for because there seems to be no mention about them being listed on any other patents besides this one so far.

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It also mentions that next time you see these extraterrestrial-looking grapes don’t hesitate to buy them because I’m sure you will love their flavor!

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