how to peel a dragon fruit

How To Peel A Dragon Fruit

How To Peel A Dragon Fruit? Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with skin that varies from yellow to bright pink or red and has overlapping outer “scales” that resemble the skin of a dragon. Some dragon fruit varieties have white, purple, or red flesh with a sweet flavor like that of a kiwi or pear. All dragon fruits are high in fiber and low in sugar but have tiny black seeds comparable in size to kiwi seeds. Dragon fruit is one of many Southeast Asian and Central American fruits that became well-known throughout the United States and Europe after being imported into these areas.’

Pitaya is a tropical gift, also called dragon fruit, is a vibrant-colored tropical fruit with a wonderful flavor. There are several methods to eliminate the skin from your fresh dragon fruit. Cut the dragonfruit lengthwise into pieces before peeling it with your fingers. Before eating fresh dragonfruit, ensure all of the peel has been removed!

how to peel a dragon fruit

Pulling Off The Skin

Peel the skin and remove both ends of dragon fruit using a sharp knife. On a cutting board, carefully chop off each end of the dragon fruit. Make careful not to move the fruit while you slice away some of each end to reveal the pulp. If you removed an end but can’t see any pulp, cut off another small bit.

To keep the fruit whole, cut it down the center lengthwise. Make a shallow incision lengthwise down the skin if you wish to peel your dragon fruit but not split it in half. You want the cutting to go all the way through the skin and lightly touch the pulp. If you utilize this technique, inserting your finger into the hole in the skin might be more difficult because your finger will have to insert itself into a cut-in.

Slice the dragon fruit in half for a quick peeling. Hold the dragon fruit steady as you cut it lengthwise. If desired, cut each half of the dragon fruit into fourths to make four sections. When the dragon fruit is sliced into smaller wedges, it’s simpler to peel.

Remove the skin of the dragon fruit with your fingertips gradually. If you cut a dragon fruit in half, place your thumb in between the flesh and the peel. Start removing the skin slowly using your fingertips, moving down the dragon fruit. To make things easier for yourself, pull away from the dragon fruit.

Remove any remaining skin with a sharp knife. If you’ve completely peeled off the peel and there are still remnants of it, use a knife to remove them. Your dragon fruit is now ready to eat! It’s unclear whether dragon fruit skin is edible or not, but most people agree that it’s not tasty. Cut the dragon fruit into slices, cubes, or leave it intact for later use if desired.

how to peel a dragon fruit

The Pulp Is Scooped Out

Slice the dragon fruit in half lengthwise. Using a sharp knife, cut the dragon fruit in half. If the dragon fruit is ripe, it will slice easily. To ensure an even cut, hold it firmly with one hand while using the other to chop. When a dragonfruit is fully ripe, its skin takes on a crimson pink color and has a uniform tone.

Scoop the pulp out of the dragon fruit with a spoon. With one hand, grasp one half of the dragon fruit and use the other to dig a spoon into it and scrape it out. A big spoon is ideal for removing the flesh from the skin, while a tiny spoon is useful for extracting small portions of flesh from between the scales. To make perfectly round balls, simply scoop with a scooper.

Place the pulp in a clean basin. Place each slice of flesh in a bowl large enough to hold all of the dragon fruit. You may transfer the dragon fruit from one dish to another, such as onto a plate or into a recipe. Once you’ve de-skinned the dragon fruit, the bowl will keep it clean.

Remove any remaining skin from the dragon fruit. If you find patches of skin still attached to the flesh after scooping it out, trim them off. Use a knife to remove any small pieces of skin from the dragon fruit so that it is edible. The peel of a dragon fruit should not be eaten.

Alternatively, chew on some dragon fruit or use it in a dish. Dragon fruit with scoops cut out of it makes a beautiful fruit salad, or you may eat the whole thing as is. If you scooped out big pieces at once, consider using a knife to chop them into smaller pieces. Store any remaining dragon fruit in the fridge for 1-2 days. To keep it as fresh as possible, store it in a sealed container or plastic bag.

How To Choose The Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit should be soft to the touch, with a slight give. Avoid dragon fruits that are hard, as these will not be ripe. The skin of a ripe dragon fruit should also be brightly colored, without any brown spots. If you’re unsure whether or not a dragon fruit is ripe, ask the grocer for help in picking out a good one.

When Is Dragon Fruit In Season?

Dragon fruit is typically in season from May to August. However, depending on where you live, the season may be different. Check with your local grocer to see when dragon fruit is in season near you.

How To Store Dragon Fruit

You can store dragon fruit at room temperature for 1-2 days. After that, it’s best to store it in the fridge. To keep it as fresh as possible, store it in a sealed container or plastic bag.

Final Thoughts

Dragon fruit is a delicious, exotic fruit that’s perfect for adding to salads, smoothies, or eating on its own. When choosing a dragon fruit, look for one that’s soft to the touch and brightly colored.

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