America’s Top 20 Most Popular Fast-Food Restaurants

What about fast-food chains, from McDonald’s to Hardee’s to Five Guys? Have you ever considered which fast-food restaurant still maintains most of the population’s heart and bridges the gap between our divided people? YouGov, a firm specializing in internet research, has recorded the most popular dining companies in America based on more than 1,500 interviews with various demographics conducted between October 2021 and December 2021.

According to YouGov, popularity is “determined by taking the proportion of individuals who regard something favorably and presenting it as a percentage of all people who have offered an opinion on anything, including ‘have heard of.'” We filtered out the fast-food restaurants from the YouGov data.

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From least popular to most popular, we ranked these fast-food restaurants:

20. Jack in the Box

Unrecognizable male with wristwatch in casual clothes sitting on chair and holding box of burger and french fries in hands

Jack in the Box is a fast-food restaurant specializing in burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and other cuisines. The eatery is well-known for serving meals 24 hours a day, which few other quick-service restaurants can do. Last year, Jack in the Box employed late-night snackers as a marketing tool.

19. Dairy Queen

Close-Up Photo Of Dessert On Top Of The Jar

With over 7,000 locations in over 100 nations worldwide, Subway is a worldwide franchise. According to Subway insiders, the company was stealing its ideas when it debuted a new oven-baked sandwich line this month. Despite the controversy, the chain continues to grow.

18. Little Caesars Pizza & Pasta

Close-up of Pizza

Little Caesars was recognized as a winner in the Quick-Track 2014 Study Annual Awards of Excellence for its “value and cost” compared to 148 other food chains. Sandelman & Associates gave it the highest possible score. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Little Caesars has seen its market share among major concepts “more than double.

17. Papa John’s 

Person Holding A Slice Of Pizza

Despite rising food prices last year, Papa John’s retained its leadership position in the pizza market. The company collaborated with well-known celebrities and athletes, such as Peyton Manning, to help it reach where it is now.

16. Arby’s 

Appetizing burger with meat patty ketchup and cheese placed on wooden table with crispy french fries against black background

Due to its consistency, Arby’s can maintain its menu and invest in customer service training programs. According to Paul Brown, Arby’s CEO, we took a step back. We made a deliberate decision to set ourselves apart in the marketplace.

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15. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s

Fries and Burger on Plate

Fast-food chains, such as Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, are notorious for provocative and sexual commercials. These campaigns attract a lot of attention to the businesses and result in franchisees joining up.

14. Chipotle 

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Bouquet of Flowers

The use of only quality components by Chipotle is legendary. The health-conscious fast food choice in the United States has now overtaken Subway. The chain has developed into a fixation.

13. Sonic Drive-In 

High angle of fried potato with onion rings and nuggets on plate on table near yellow wall

According to a press release the business issued last year, Sonic plans to open 1,000 more restaurants during the coming decade. People enjoy it and continue to visit since it is convenient and offers an inventive ordering method.

12. Domino’s 

Baked Pizza on Pizza Peel in Oven

Domino’s has expanded its operations recently, opening several new locations and enhancing marketing efforts. In addition, the restaurant updated its menu by adding new items and reusing old plates, resulting in more income.

11. KFC 

Grilled Chicken Wing

KFC attempted to boost overseas sales in the previous year by revamping its marketing efforts and repairing its reputation, which KFC had damaged due to a food safety crisis.

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10. Panera Bread 

Sliced Meats on a Bread With Sliced Vegetables on the Side

Panera Bread has announced that it is hiring new workers and recently implementing operational procedures in its locations. In addition, the company released a smartphone app.

9. Pizza Hut 

Pizza on Brown Cardboard Box

Last year, Pizza Hut implemented a major brand refresh to better appeal to Millenials. Many were disappointed, though, with the restaurant chain’s disappointing outcomes.

8. Chick-fil-A 

Fries on White Ceramic Plate

Chick-fil-A’s success is due to several factors, including its extensive breakfast menu and future growth plans. In the Northeast United States, the firm will open various restaurants over the coming months. People also enjoy eating at Chick-fil-A’s normal menu items.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts 

Last year, Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis said that the firm wanted to grow rapidly. He desires to open 200 shops in California over the next five years, and he is also thinking about going international.

Brown and Pink Doughnut With Sprinkles

6. Taco Bell 

Cooked Food On Blue Plate

Taco Bell first offered a mobile ordering system last year, and it has continued to grow. Taco Bell developed a higher-end restaurant and sponsored events to generate interest in the brand.

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5. Wendy’s 

Close-Up Photo of a Cheese Burger

Wendy’s adopted a new sales strategy in 2014, focusing on Millenials as a way to increase sales. The company has introduced new, healthier menu choices and a redesigned website and social media presence.

4. Burger King 

Cooked Foods

Within five years, the chain achieved a significant turnaround by, among other things, outsourcing the operations portion of its business, expanding overseas, and modernizing operational equipment.

3. Subway 

Salad On A Plate

Despite the firm’s current turmoil, it is still one of America’s most popular sandwich chains. The business, continuously growing worldwide, has recently made its meals more healthy to attract new consumers.

2. Starbucks 

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks is the most popular coffee chain globally, with more than 60,000 locations in 190 countries. Last year, the company unveiled a five-year plan to expand in China and the Asia-Pacific region and introduce mobile payment services for customers.

1. McDonald’s 

Top view flat lay of junk food including burgers with french fries and nuggets placed on marble table

McDonald’s is a well-known fast-food business and one of the most successful franchises globally. It recently debuted an updated version of its “restaurant of the future.”


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the top 20 most popular fast-food restaurants in the United States. We believe you can locate your favorite in the above list as well. If not, check out Eatthis’s list of top 50 fast-food restaurants; we believe you’ll surely find your favorite in the top 50. Wishing you the best of luck and please continue reading.

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