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10 List Of Delicious Fancy Fruits 

In this blog post we have compiled a list of delicious fancy fruits. You’ve undoubtedly heard of apples but not fancy fruits like cherimoyas and dragon fruit. Mark Twain described cherimoya as “taste itself.”

You may be an expert on pears, avocados, and mangos. Still, there is a slew of foreign fruits that are considered delicacies. Discover ten foreign fruits that are popular across the world, including Durian and Salak.

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10. Rambutan

Close-up Photo of Red Rambutan Fruits
Fancy Fruits

The rambutan fruit is tiny, red, and spherical, growing in Malaysia and throughout Thailand, South Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka.

The frog’s skin is bassy, pliable, and slightly pinkish in hue (in Malay, rambut means hair). This lychee relative’s smooth and pink flesh is highly appreciated, with white or pinkish meat inside. Fresh or canned, it’s frequently used in salads and, more recently, in high-end cocktails.

9. Durian

Green and Brown Round Fruits
Fancy Fruits

The fragrant beef soup is beloved in the region for its potent odor, likened to rotting food or trash. It’s so strong that it’s banned from certain eateries and hotels because the smell may linger for days.

According to National Geographic, the durian tree does not produce fruit until it is at least 15 years old, meaning its prized crop is very costly—up to $50 per fruit. The fruit’s shell is studded with short spikes. It must be cracked open like a coconut to access the fleshy middle, which can be eaten raw but is also used in Malaysian candy ice cream, and traditional soups.

8. African Cucumber

3 Zuchini Brown Wooden Surface
Fancy Fruits

The African cucumber is a bright orange fruit with a mottled green and yellow interior and an impressive golden exterior. It comes from California and New Zealand today. Still, it originally came from the Kalahari Desert—which runs through central Botswana, west-central South Africa, and eastern Namibia—where it is still grown.

The flavor is similar to that of cucumber and zucchini, or a blend of banana, cucumber, and lemon, and it’s frequently utilized in platters or as a component in smoothies and sundaes.

7. Ackee

Fresh juicy pink peach on pink surface
Fancy Fruits

The ackee is a fruit endemic to Western Africa that has recently become a national favorite in the Caribbean, particularly Haiti and Jamaica. The spherical fruit grows on the evergreen ackee tree and measures up to 4 inches in diameter.

The ripe fruit of the tree, also known as “mangoes,” is edible and aromatic; however, it has a yellow and red leathery skin that must open naturally at least partially before being removed from the tree. Three shiny black seeds are connected to thick, cream-colored sections attached to glossy black seeds.

Ackee is a delicious tropical fruit, with more than one-quarter of the world’s population singing its praises. It’s native to Jamaica but grown in many different Caribbean and Central America.

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6. Buddha’s Hand

This citrus fruit, whose skin has a lemon-like texture, is native to southwestern China and northeastern India and resembles a huge-fingered hand or a yellow squid. The fruit is available throughout the winter and can grow up to 12 inches long when split vertically. When split vertically, it contains a whitish, juiceless, and frequently seedless flesh. Because of its rich odor (like violets), the thick yellow rind is commonly used to produce jam and marinades and add flavor to liquors and perfume clothing. It is also a popular decoration in Japanese homes, where it is seen as a good luck charm for the New Year.

5. Monstera Deliciosa

Photo of Swiss Cheese Plant Beside Chair
Fancy Fruits

This bright perennial plant is native to Mexico and Central America. Still, its fruit, which resembles an ear of corn and is the only non-hazardous part of the plant, is highly valued in the tropics. The fruit matures after one year, at which point the scales begin to fracture and expose white flesh. It’s commonly eaten fresh, served with a bit of cream, incorporated into fruit cups and ice cream, or utilized to flavor soft drinks. It has a taste that is like a combination of pineapple and banana.

4. Chayote

Green Fresh Chayote in Close-Up Photography
Fancy Fruits

This fleshy, pear-shaped plant, native to Mexico, is also known as vegetable pear, chocho, mirliton, and christophene. It’s a vine that grows in the cucumber family and often grows in containers. The fruit is light green and grows in Central America (but native to Guatemala in particular). It’s produced throughout Mexico and parts of the United States now.

The approximate weight of each fruit ranges from 6 ounces to 3 pounds, with a texture comparable to that of a water chestnut. It’s commonly prepared by boiling, mashing, pickling, or frying. It’s utilized in a wide range of things, including juice as well as jellies and preserves.

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3. Cherimoya

This oval fruit, which may weigh up to 5 pounds and is native to Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador, then cultivated in Chile and Peru, has a smooth green skin with a plump white interior pitted with dark brown seeds (which are not edible). It has a custardy flavor similar to a banana, passion fruit, papaya, and pineapple blended. It can be consumed straight from the pod, puréed and turned into mousse, incorporated into a pie or tart filling, or frozen to be enjoyed like ice cream.

2. Salak

Bunch of ripe brown tropical salak fruits also known as snake fruit from palm tree for natural background
Fancy Fruits

The salak—a snake or snakeskin fruit—is a round, ripe fig-shaped Indonesian and Malaysian delicacy with a pointed tip and brown scaly skin. To reveal three yellowish-white lobes and a dark brown seed, the tip is broken off, and the skin peeled back. Although commercially cultivated in the United States, Chinese gooseberries have a long history as an edible fruit. They’re medium-sized berries that are crisp and sweet, making them ideal for fruit salad. It’s also used in soups and custards and can be found canned in syrup, candied, pickled, or dried.

1. Dragon Fruit

Sliced Dragon Fruits on Ceramic Plate
Fancy Fruits

Dragon fruit, which is native to Southeast Asia and eaten throughout the world, including Mexico and Central and South America, is one of the most popular fancy fruits. This pomegranate-size berry has a brilliant pink exterior with big green scales; inside, it’s bright white or fuchsia-colored with tiny black seeds. The fruit has a pear-like flavor that is sweet, crunchy, and slightly perfumy. It’s sliced down the middle, and the soft inside scooped out before eating. Although it’s frequently eaten fresh, it may also be used in juice or frozen beverages, as well as incorporated into fruit salads. It is indeed the top among the world’s most fancy fruits.

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